See your purchase history on PC

To automatically open iTunes and sign in to your Account Information page from your computer, click this link: View My Account. Or follow these steps:
1. Open iTunes.
2. If you’re not signed in, sign in with your Apple ID.
3. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, choose Account > View My Account.
4. Enter your password, then press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard, or click View Account.

On the Account Information page:
1. Scroll down to Purchase History. To the right of Most Recent Purchase, click See All. It might take a moment for your Purchase History to appear.
2. To see the details of a purchase, click the arrow  to the left of the order date. Your most recent purchases are first.
    You'll see the date, time, and web order number in the top-right corner.

- If any of the information in your history doesn't match what you bought, check if it's an authorization hold, a delayed charge, a subscription renewal, or a Family Sharing purchase.
- If you don't recognize a purchase, compare your purchase history to your credit or debit card statement before contacting Apple.
- If you don't see your purchase, it might be hidden. Unhide items in your Purchase History.
- If you can't find an item that you purchased in the iTunes Store within the last 90 days, report a problem. 

For the complete guide, please visit Apple's Support